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i wear earplugs to get sleep in the city that never says goodnight to loud sounds outside my window. an argument at the bus stop, the bus stopping, sighing and broadcasting the next stop. the theme song of dexter vibrating the wall--an omen. the cat pawing the door, then(more)
Every year my wife and I make the effort to fly across the continent to the town that we grew up in.  We take leave of the hustle and bustle of the big city for the relative calm of the not-so-big city.  Our families are there, living in a suburban paradise(more)
What's the sound that a cricket makes? It's not exactly a chirp. One wouldn't go "chirp... chirp.... chirp..." to fill an awkward silence. I personally go "cricket... cricket... cricket..." and then people chuckle, and the awkward moment passes. Ta-daa! However I'm still not sure what the actual noise really(more)
cricket sounds as i
walk for miles and miles at night.
that's how many bugs?