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A special education teacher must be of quick wit and unsound mind.  

Last week a fellow teacher came to me concerned about one of my middle school students.  He had heard the student was cutting. ‎ "Perhaps he has decided he is emo." I said, envisioning the lock of(more)
I am 36. I would like to tell you something.

I speak from experience – not from a deep, rich life of risk and adventure, but from a cautious one with a few important choices that I will call “terrifying, but rewarding”.

I have never gained so(more)
"you just weren't yourself," you said,
as i curled up into the nook of your arm

pits of peaches aren't as hard
as i'm getting right now
I met him online. We had back and forth conversation through email. He seemed nice enough. His picture, though poor quality, didn't signal me to run in the other direction.

So, I took the next step and met him for coffee. In the bright of the day, with(more)
Untied shoelaces during the running of the bulls.
Could be dangerous.

Riding a unicycle during rush-hour traffic down the freeway.
Could be dangerous. (more)
I looked at myself in the mirror of the window next to my desk, blotted with rain. I looked remarkably young, remarkably soft. My hair swept down over one eyes and cheek bone, so I pulled in up past my ear, expecting my chin to cut in like it(more)
A little taste of freedom could be dangerous. For her at least.
See, when she got a little taste of freedom she remembered who she was.
Parts of who she was had been slowly and methodically stolen from her while she was sleeping. She hadn't noticed until the bit(more)
Marc knew it could be dangerous, but he wanted to do it anyway. He felt the call of duty. His father was in the army. His grandfather was in the navy. He was born to protect this great nation that had given him so many opportunities, even if it(more)
"Could be dangerous?" Nowadays its easier to list what couldn't be dangerous.
Cigarettes, cellphones, sex, sugar, salt, aspirin, tuna from a can, oysters, clams, tampons, lead paint, asbestos, airbags, butter, bacon, eggs, red meat, spinach and on and on.
This all went through his mind in a split second(more)