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Some people have this core belief that what you wear reflects who you are. Clothes are a statement. They say you shouldn't be seen in scuffed cowboy boots, or your collection of vintage bow ties.
But shit, it was 99 cents.
There's something festering in me at the core of my being, something that's becoming restless. Something yearning to be free, to rip itself from the chains that I've bound out in and burst into the light for the first time in years; to explode out of me and taste(more)
Lichen ridged branches
yet moss-wet bark sun-lit leaves
who's to understand?
beyond the underbrush and the sharp brambles
the trees, the weeds, the daisies, the soil
there lies a core
inside of me
The core of the matter is that action begets thought.

You have to do to think.  There is no point in thinking if you do not do.
"Okay. You asked. So anything that happens afterward is not my fault, okay?"


"Right. So here's the deal. You asked why I keep hanging around you and stuff. And here's your answer: I'm in love with you."

"WHAT? I mean--what?"

"Let's get to the(more)
Sunrise in the Tender Knob had a glow that softened it's hard concrete buildings, broken-crack-heads, and oxy-salesmen.    
Will wasn't sure what happened last night. He was at R-Bar before he left with a raven haired girl who was a dead-ringer for Natalie Portman, if Natalie Portman  were(more)
The Inept shrieks, an unearthly, eldritch sound, and it shakes me to the core. A cacophony of ghostly wails echoes throughout the cave, a symphony of ghosts, and I cannot help but fall to my knees and clasp my hands tightly over my ears. I'll never let go, so(more)
The words that swirled around me in soft susurrations mocked me, burning into my core. Each whisper that found its way to my ear became poison that seeped deep into my already troubled mind. As my eyes peered into my blurry world I began to sprint, trying to elude(more)
i was the puzzle,
that you put back together,
you were my core,
holding me in place.

now i'm just the missing pieces. (more)
He seemed very small, sitting up in the hospital bed with a diminished profile. Roy Mustang sighed heavily as he closed the door behind him. He was not quite sure what he was expecting to find here, anger, exhaustion - or even just a blank, traumatized look. Instead, Nicholas(more)
From the air over my skin
to the dark flesh of my core

I am healed
and there is nothing to see here.
Core Mine Field, the sign reads. A divide of a town with only two sets of peoples. Those grizzled, construction-laced and black soot stricken miners and those others.
The others are folk, regular, who do regular things - they eat and work and play and love and don't lov(more)
Apples Revenge. . .

Eat the fruit,
Reach the core,
Spread the seed down on the floor.
With a shuddering gasp she clamps a trembling hand over her mouth, desperately suppressing the urge to vomit. She closes her eyes and her nausea abates after a few careful breaths; not entirely, but she at least no longer needs the support of the wall to keep her upright.(more)