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How vast is the void?
Questions from our pale blue dot
light the universe.
The journey had been long - lifetimes even; but now the man stood on top of the mountain, arms raised upwards to the sky.  Scattered about were maps, cryptographs, codexes, and clues.  And now he was ready to leave.
the abandonment,
the loneliness,
it's driving me insane.
the voices, they scream;
louder and louder.
with each breath i take, (more)
Ricky was sitting on the curb in front of his new middle-school in Long Island. It was hot and he was wearing shorts and Mongoose racing tshirt. His backpack was full of heavy books that bored him and slowed down his movements. The school's bus drivers went on strike(more)
The tired pirate stood at the dock, her auburn curls whipping at her face; the tide was in, and soon the ship would be out, leaving her behind. "Come with us," pleaded the crew.

A small smile tempted her full lips upward, and she shook her head. At(more)
She had these minute voices,
That would whisper in her mind,
“Come with us,
Be in peace.”
But she didn’t want to hear them,
She just wanted to be normal, (more)
Winry tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, chewing nervously on her bottom lip. Edward sat in the chair next to her, his arms crossed over his chest and his head tilted forward as he dozed. He was exhausted - not in nearly as bad a shape as(more)
There was a fire.
Men and beast burned, buildings collapsed, worlds ended. A little flame was all it took. A spark, haphazardly flicked to a mound of hay. Deft hands sliding shining steel along a worn flint.
"Come with us," the voices had said.
"I don't want your pity," Roi spat with uncharacteristic harshness in his voice. "I don't need you. I haven't needed you for a long time, and I don't need you now!"

The Prince sighed, and Mila swore she could hear his eyes rolling. "Cut the theatrics, hermanito. Just(more)
"Come with us." It rolled around in my head endlessly to the beat of my headache. Come with us, come with us, come with us.  I was lying half off a tiny bed.  My eyes opened to a pock marked symmetrical square of an office ceiling?  Someone was next to me.  I tried(more)
"Come with us."

He leaned across the desk towards her, keeping eye contact and smiling slightly.

"You know your industry doesn't have legs. You know you want to make money. I don't see what your hesitation is. Just come."

She shifted in her seat, uncomfortable with(more)
'Come with us. To the world where marriage is still sacred and not conducted merely for lust.'

Yall might consider me as one narrow minded bigot or one devilish bastard, but, I absolutely disagree with the legalisation of LGBT.

To me, LGBT is merely mental disorder. Liking(more)