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I've been going for too long, living on the edge of reality and delusion for an eternity. There's something in the drugs that makes me feel whole and connected. Connected to what or to whom? That, I am not at liberty to say. Something about the drugs makes me(more)
the rabbit sadly
lovable seems to wear a
sign that says come eat
She heard her momma's voice ring out over the meadow, a clear, bright bell calling her to dinner.
"Come eat!"
Her stomach rumbled with the thought of warm, soft cornbread and juicy pork chops. The prickly field tickled her bare feet as she skipped though the grass, the hem(more)
we are in an unfurnished dormitory; no bed, no desk, just a simple couch, too low for its own good, and a small side table that must have been constructed by the same incapable mind. erica sits at one end of the couch, doing whatever it is she does(more)