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There can only be one.

The only one.

The original one.
It's an urge to go there. I want to be close to you.
So... I linger before "you".
I have to do it. It's an itch. I must scratch. It's unconscious and deliberate.
I sit cross legged
grab each one (more)
She rested her head on the pillow and draped the afghan over her body. Snuggling into the cushions of the couch, she began to count all the pieces in her collection in her mind like others counted sheep.
Somewhere in the kitchen, she could hear him rummaging around for(more)
an old mason jar sitting on a bookshelf with two locks of hair curled up inside of it, black as night, a relic, a phylactery.

cold toes getting clammy in thick woolen socks. the cold becomes wet, pervasive. sinks into the bones.

the acidic smell of(more)