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I like to imagine that there was nothing remarkable about the day that David quit. I picture him waking up slightly late, performing a rushed version of bathroom rituals and taking a light 'breakfast'- an oatmeal bar or a toaster pastry- and then going to work. Perhaps the rushed-routine(more)
I hate eating cold turkey. Not because it tastes dry and bland and scratches your throat like sawdust when you swallow, but because of what it means. It means Mom didn't come home last night. It means she's drunk or high or both, stumbling along the empty streets, looking(more)
He checked his jacket pocket again - for the second time, he had already checked his jeans and, just in case, the garbage can - but still, he couldn't find the pack of cigarettes he just bought the previous evening. Gotou straightened, shoving the garbage back under the counter,(more)
too much rain for a
fire so cold turkey shot and
cooked the day before
Everytime, I always wish it was different. Why couldn't they be more patient? Maybe if they weren't in a rush it wouldn't have happened. The family gather, dreading the moment they will have to come face to face with it. The cold turkey lies on the table, surrounded by(more)