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"Marry me," he asks.
"Goodbye," she says.
i can't commit to
you when i don't even know
who i want to be
Reading in the bed
I pay no attention to
my body's welfare
temptation bears its wearers fair
(more so in seeming sight
than true they be)
blind lovers light
so intricately
weaves illusions to delight (more)
The first day I saw her, it was one of the last days of summer, near the end of August. There was a lone dragonfly buzzing over the pond, and she was sitting in the rocks, skipping stones. I'd never seen her but she looked so peaceful, her long(more)
She sips her wine carefully, unsure of what will happen next.
"You know," he muses, "You could be pretty if you wanted.  Bit of makeup, some nicer clothes, a nose job.  Don't get me wrong - I think you're beautiful.  But this way the world would think you're beautiful too."
She says(more)
There are various ways to get cold feet. The obvious one will be the metaphorical way. My feet are cold, but it's not because I worry. There is no life changing event about to happen. I'm standing in the snow, toes scratching the surface of white. I hear the(more)
He got cold feet the instant he knew he would have to go through with it.  It is no small task to consciously kill, to extinguish a life.  All the time he had done it in the past, it had been either without prescience of the task or to a thing(more)
He stands on the ledge, ready. He has to jump this time. It is the third time he had been here this year. He steps backward onto the pavement. Once again he can't follow through.
The little girl stretched out on the couch with her feet in her mother's lap; smiling like the sun, the mother put her hand on the child's foot and gave a dramatic jump.

"Your toes are so cold, I should put them in my drink and cool it(more)
There was a time when he was something different- someone warm, who had a purpose. Someone who melted snow instead of making it.
He didn't mind being alone, most of the time, but three hundred years of frozen solitude was about as far as he was willing to be(more)
Just a hand over the shoulder, a small move to claim territory was all I had to do. One exaggerated stretch of the arms and she was mine. But there was this strange sense of despair washing over me, anticipation and fear mixed together to form an orchestra of(more)
Part 1.  

Her feet flexed on the cold, wood floor.  She stood over him as she had done a half dozen nights before over the past 20 years.  His great chest and belly rose and fell each breath exuding a loud rattling snore scented with beer and cigarette smoke.  The mattress(more)
He lets out an undignified squawk and falls out of the bed with a thud. Standing abruptly, he glares at the unconcerned figure hidden under a number of blankets, duvets, and assorted covers. "You-! Get off!"

"Don't be rude." A careless hand emerges from the pile of quilts,(more)
The knock came at the door in that twilight transition between day and night, when the last of the sun's rays painted the tops of buildings with burnished gold. Roy Mustang groaned, his arm thrown over his eyes as the blackout curtains in the bedroom had been shifted somewhat,(more)