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I hated the mine.  I hated my parents for living in the mining town and most of all I hated my father, who loved the mine.  From as long as I can remember he would be gone before dawn and return, a blackened ghoul in the evening.  He would stomp about the(more)
price for light: coal dust
some pneumoconiosis
amongst the miners
    He saw Evelyn in passing, a ghost in the distance, his love and his biggest regret.
    They used to sit on the tailgate of his pickup truck in front of the abandoned coal mine, drinking cheap beer and talking about all the places they would rather be. Their town(more)
They were rarely seen at first. Black figures, not the brown-black of skin but the black of coal dust, covering their skin, clothes and boots.

As the weeks passed they were seen more often. There were men, women, even a few children. They were of many different heights,(more)