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She's my saviour. Every morning I shove myself, unshowered, into my polyester waitresses uniform. My hands shake as I do up the buttons and as I attempt to tame my curls. She kisses me behind the ear, brushes back my hair. I stand still and watch the girl in(more)
It was raining by the time Masayoshi ducked into the koban - not heavily, but a drizzle that complimented the early grey twilight. The sun had been absent since the morning, and the entire city seemed muted without it.
Don't let others
Cause you to have
Clouded vision
Know what you believe
And take a stand.
In clouded vision, I always say images. Hazy and obtuse...but present. Wild. Exhilarating. I tried to tell the woman I loved of the pain her heart caused me, but oh that is a taboo beyond vision, now isn't it.

There was carnage and angelic truths. There was vision(more)
Fog washes over me, the illusion of falling still rigid in my terror-stricken mind. The blindness brought by clouds is oddly comforting, hiding the carnage and desolation, almost as if it weren't my mess to clean up. The poisoned fog slowly takes my senses; sound and touch numbed by(more)
god's clouded vision
created man and woman
and we did the rest