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I stand on my tiptoes and stay still, holding my breath. Sweat trickles on my back but I keep my spine rigid. The stage's spotlight blinds me as I hold my chin up high, but I refuse to look away. I keep my pose for another heartbeat, and the(more)
Monday morning, driving rain. Her finger joints are sore, swollen, but she writes on the board anyway.

"Koans," she tells the class, underlining the word "are used in Zen Buddhism to shock the mind out of everyday awareness and help the student on the way to enlightenment." (more)
The noise. The cold. The dread.

I know they're here somewhere, that it's only a matter of time before they find me. I gave it all I could, knowing I'd eventually have to accept the fact that I couldn’t escape. Yet by some instinct I refuse to give(more)
I walk down the red carpet, the bright flash of cameras surround me, my nervousness drowned out by the sound of thunderous applause.  Legs feel like rubber, I can hardly even stand.  Heart racing a million miles per hour, the time has finally come.  

It's hard not to feel like(more)
you're sweating and trembling all over
your fingers are retracing their steps on the violin
returning to the same positions that were rehearsed a million times before
and now the final note is played
broken bow hairs fly (more)