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I normally try to walk with my chin up and shoulders back, in order to make me look confident when I don't feel that way. Which is always. I used to walk around in a sullen manner, my eyes down at the ground, my shoulders slumped, looking as though(more)
The building was very large, and she was very afraid.

"Go in," said her mother, hand light on her shoulder. "I will be waiting when you come out. Chin up, now."
When I think of the phrase chin up, I think of my recently passed grandfather.

My life was in shambles. I am only twenty and literally felt as if nothing was right and I was doomed to be unemployed and unhappy forever. I had applied for hundreds o(more)
"Chin up mate, you'll find someone else," Hank said as he patted my leg.
I suppose it was meant to reassuring, but it only made me uncomfortable. If I wasn't so miserable I think I would tell him to leave. It didn't help that I was still in yesterday's(more)