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My grandfather died when I was six. We lived an ocean apart, but he was my favourite person in the world.

I hadn't believed the books when they told me that the memories would attack you, pushing you down and forcing you to remember, tears streaming down you(more)
i did it!

well i did something.

i'm proud of myself today!
Sometimes it feels like you can't be real with anybody.

Because as soon as you are, they get upset. Because honesty is heavy. It tells people the raw truth about how you feel, who you are, how you react. And sometimes that means stamping on someone else's ow(more)
She begged and pleaded for someone to see the golden child she once was.

Someone to lift her back into the sun

Prince charming never came. (more)
Cherries. Small red fruits, grown from a plant in the ground through scientific processes that were observed, studied and replicated, time and time again. We observed the plant, the leaves, the flowers, the roots, the dirt in which it was planted. All took a part in the growth and(more)