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He always chose his victims carefully; they had to have just the right amount of skip to their walk. Their blond hair had to bounce precisely at the moment their size 7 1/2 foot lifted off the ground. When he watched them it would all turn to slow motion(more)
Chemistry was never a strong point for either of us, but we swore we would use it to live forever.

Formulae swirled over bowed, brunette heads as we puzzled through life, clinging tightly to each other's hands, never once seeing our atoms being pulled in separate directions. (more)
Alchemy was the primitive form of chemistry that believed more in the power of observable magic than the power of unobservable physics. That does not preclude modern chemists from looking down on the alchemists of old, no matter how much their craft takes after that of alchemists.

The airlock was closing and I was already feeling giddy. Wait, no, I'm just lightheaded; my suit's O2 levels were out of whack. Okay, we're good now. God, that would have been embarrassing. The first time I see Llozzikp in person and I pass out? It might still happen.(more)
"We have real chemistry, ya know," she said slowly, deliberately. "Ain't that what people always say? Good chemistry?"
She stared at his sculpted cheekbones, his strong jawline, dark brown hair. He looked like a movie star, she decided, like one of them werewolves from that vampire movie. What wa(more)
To create, another equal thing must be lost. The equation must balance. This is the basic principle of chemistry. I spent my life exercising this principle in glass jars and lined paper, although until two days ago I didn't truly understand.
Chemistry was once balancing equations with a pack of fellow adolescents, manipulating instruments: pencils, bunsen burners, and a wise woman named Rinaldi.

There's always been chemistry in my body; mixing and breeding complete reactions to create perfect motion, movement through the world.  My movement (more)
Colors glow and burn
Exothermic reaction
Welcome to science.
We don't have a chemistry test tomorrow anymore, and I couldn't be more relieved; that's absolutely the last thing I could handle right now.

I'm caught between so many things that I want to say to make it all go away - I'm tired, I miss you, I'm(more)
He was never good with chemistry: He could identify the substances of which matter was composed, investigate properties and elements more thoroughly than most could brush their teeth, and was fascinated with the interaction between two opposing chemicals, so one would think he was good with chemistry.  Yet for al(more)
here's to the end//here's to the beginning,
farewell lover.
our chemistry has faded,
to nothing more,
than harsh words,
and memories, (more)
Chemistry, by most understood as something of a natural science, is actually a much more complicated thing than it would seem at first glance. Besides standing for a natural science, it's also used when talking about relationships with other people. And the weird thing is: those are associated in(more)
I've never really understood the term 'chemistry' as it's been applied to people. Would you have me conceive compatibility as a factor of reactions? Of catalysts? That such innate connections are sparked, forged, and nurtured by the body rather than the mind? Yes, there is a certain beauty in(more)
Jerry hated chemistry class. He wasn't good at it, he didn't try very hard, it was confusing, and he was pretty sure the teacher had it in for him.

The only plus was that Sonia was his lab partner.
Next class is Chemistry. I had high hopes for this class, but rather than dissecting sharks and mutation kids into giant flies that wreck havoc on the town, we learn about cells and the Periodic Table. I can't say I'm not disappointed.