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Lovino’s never been very good at chess, so why he agreed to play at all is a bit beyond him. He flexed his fingers as he moved a rook, eyes glancing up at Arthur to see how closely he was watching, wondering if he could just move it slightly(more)
it feels like a
writhing, weaving its way
around my body,
beginning at my gut --
"This is," Maja paused, drawing herself to her full height. It was disturbing. It was a horrible thought to go through with, and yet it seemed to be the only option left.

She looked back over to her lady, pausing over the words that lay before her. "-it's(more)
The hunt was on. Having ducked behind the trunk of a great Elm tree, Fox was sure that he had lost the rest of the boys. Peter would be so proud--Fox was, of course, the cleverest of the Lost Boys. He shimmied up the trunk, swinging himself up onto(more)
Why do we cheat?

Is it because we want something we can't have?
Is it because we want to hurt our lover?

I cheat to even the score.
Matt did not want to play but we made him. The game we like to play could always use one more person. Usually people do not have to be invited. Everyone plays mostly because there is little else to do. Matt has never played before, though. He always just(more)
maybe i was the one you kissed. maybe i was the one you thought about as your fingers dripped down my shirt. maybe i was the one who your hands sought after that afternoon out on the balcony overlooking the swimming pool and you said that you wanted me.(more)
Serah had always considered the kid in front of her class in 2-A to be smarter than the average student. Finals had already rolled around, and the summer air was beginning to permeate the classroom's stagnant atmosphere. She blinked heavily, lightly wiping away the small drops of sweat from(more)
Tap, tap, tap, tap. Pause. Click, click. Pause.

I hated tests. They hated me. We hated each other. That's just how it was for us. We had come to an agreement that we both hated each other, and we were okay with that.

It was especially frustratin(more)
The nurse hands me the compact mirror and places it at the palm of my scarred hands. She then quietly departs as two anxious pair of eyes stare at me from the foot of the bed. Benny glides forward and closes my palm abruptly.
I've spent months wrapped around you. Trapped in a never ending cycle of waiting for hope to spring again. You wake and I wait for your word. You my captain, I the never failing soldier. I am nothing if not true, my debt undoubtedly owed to you. You're the(more)
I am holding your hand right up until the moment I see him from the corner of my eye. The boy that hounds my mind at night and shadows your face when I kiss you. Suddenly I move the way people do when they don't have the time to(more)
He's pressing hot, open-mouthed kisses to her jaw when her fingers slip on the final buttons of his shirt; she threads her fingers through his hair and tugs, hard, at the same time pressing his head into her as he moves down, down; he nips at the lie caught(more)
"You-!" He lurches backward and very nearly topples over the table behind him, partially covering his flushed face with a raised arm.

"Wow, that's the brightest red I've ever seen. I could probably use you as a flashlight right now!" She cackles, clearly enjoying his embarrassment as h(more)
When you're in fifth grade, and life is still fun and innocent, and all that "stresses" your small brain out is acing a history test you didn't study for (one that you didn't need to study for), cheating is taboo to the soul. Especially when you have Chinese parents,(more)