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Cedar woodchips on a playground. Calluses on fingers. Dirt under fingernails. Domes, slides and platforms on springs.

An elementary school. Breezeblock walls painted a very light grey with a yellow stripe cutting the wall into child size.

Yellow tubing, textured plastics, blue skies speckled with clouds.(more)
on this side of the mirror there are things that dearly remind me of you. the stars in the heavens, the scent of forest and cedar woodchips, the rumble of passing trains, the German flag; even in my dreams, where I once imagined I could forget you, you linger(more)
Cedar woodchips stick to his palms and leave red marks when his little sister brushes them from his skin. He glares at her and tells her not to do that and she is too young to know his words for the 'thank you' that they hide. 
Close your eyes,
and try to visualize
What could cedar wood chips
could possibly be.

Blocks and chips (more)
controversy can
my house rabbit poop safely
on cedar woodchips
          The door was made of cedar. It stood between me and the outside world. When I was having a bad day, it would protect the world from my teenage angst. When he was having a bad day, which was often, it would protect me from him.
"I want to go to the beach," Masayoshi said suddenly, kicking his feet through the mulch that lay scattered under the swing set.

Gotou was lighting a cigarette, sitting on the swing next to his. "...okay?" They had been walking in the twilight together, as it was th(more)