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My Aunt Solveig (pronounced Solvay) believed every day was the last day of her life. There has never been a Norwegian more prepared for the Rapture. According to  stereotype, we are grim creatures more likely to grimace than smile. Arms crossed, yet meek, we don't buffalo our way into anywhere.(more)
I thought I might apply for health insurance through my work but it seems a bit pricey. Still, I'm drawn to all the terms; Catastrophic, death and dismemberment, term life, floater, earned premium, residual benefit, gross leverage, the lexicon is undeniably cool.
I always looked down instead of forward. People always chided me for this until I found a hundred dollars on the street.

I felt a wave of self-righteousness as I bent down to pick it up. I grabbed it and as I looked up a beggar locked m(more)