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The French have a phrase for it—l'appel du vide. The call of the void. That primal urge to jump from a high place, to walk in front of a bus, to plunge a steak knife into your throat. We are fascinated by our frailty. The complexity of our thoughts(more)
When she reaches an end point, she has to face the truth. She had been in self-denial for so long, sometimes she forget what in her life is true.
Her once shining armor has now rusted over, weighing her down more than ever. Every step she took was accompanie(more)
I stand at the edge of the cliff, my arms outstretched.
'Please, stop!' Mark screams behind me. 'You can't fly! You can't!'
I've decided that after I come back from my fly I will no longer be friends with Mark. I don't need that kind of negativity in m(more)
I've already told her about ten times. "You can't fly!" She won't listen to me. She's sitting across from me, perched, eyes bright and forward. I can see the light peeking out behind the giant black irises. It's cheeky -- mischievous. She blinks.
I can't fly. Not that I've ever tried to know, but how society is convincing me to believe. There are people who are close, I see their wings, they're beautiful. I always assume they only fly when no else is looking. When I'm fixed on the squares of my(more)
The phone lights up with a little whistle to alert her. It's unexpected so she takes a moment to blink at it before setting down her pencil and abandoning the research paper she hadn't even put a dent in.  
Corbin lays on his side and cries.

His back aches like hell, flaming pain in lightning strike wounds from his shoulder blades to his hips. They're bright white lines that pulse and throb and sting, interrupting his thoughts and stilling his tongue. All he can do is sob(more)
"You'll never bloody be able to do it. It's bloody impossible!" The elderly wizard shouted at his apprentice as he stamped his staff.

"But Master Thun. I swear I rose off the ground just yesterday! I just do the incantation I told you about, and these gestures," The(more)
His face is dry, but the ground isn't. He shifts his weight, his shoes already soaked from all the puddles he stepped in on the way up. There's someone down below. Someone he loves. Someone who loves him. They're calling his name, but he can't hear them. He can(more)
Despite how often you may want to, you can't leave. Leaving is considered cowardice. You're stuck here, with everyone else. No one gets to skip ahead, not really. You're trapped, much like rats, the whole lot of you. Possibly easier than rats, more like doves with broken wings. Once(more)
Dear ______,

I can't fly.  I know you keep telling me that it's all a matter of time, that one day I'll figure out how to, but I don't think that's true for me.  No matter where I am, who I'm with, I'll never be able to fly.  I'm stuck here,(more)
Her eyes raised she saw images like music. Clear drops fell from heavy leaves, bobbing weights of verdant dance. And out under the edge of this precipitous reckoning she looked to great dark plaques streaming in high wind across yellow skies. Her toes curled over lose rock as she(more)
Cantilevered flypaper.
Just because no one has, doesn't mean no one will.