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*FLASH* She struts the red carpet, seductive and alone.  Looking to anyone and everyone for the love that she so desperately lacks and that no amount of attention can fill. *FLASH* *FLASH*  Smiles that hide shame and a history of abuse. *FLASH*  Ravenous fans feeding on every tilt of her head (more)
"Right, so where am I headed?" Awdrin pulled crude, hand-drawn map that Reynard had given him from his pocket with one hand, and closing the door to the hill with the other. As soon as the door closed, the grassy mound sunk back into the ground with a soft(more)
On a raining evening a man on a red carpet was surrounded by a crowd.  He was very still and he didn't move for them.  They took pictures and some shouted at him.  He looked up for a moment to see a flash from one of the cameras.  He looked by down, he(more)