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what is the point
of loving you
when I know
you'd be gone
by sunrise
I'd like to say that I was looking at her eyes, but my glance spent more time darting down to her cleavage than anywhere near her face.  We were looking at each other, anyway, when Tim walked up.  He leaned in toward my ear so that I could hear him above(more)
It had become a Sunday tradition. Every weekend for the past 3 years, My uncle and I had woken up at the crack of dawn, grabbed our boards, and driven the short trip down to the beach to surf. Even in the summer, where the days are long and(more)
"I need to leave," she whispers, the first rays of sun creeping across the horizon into the small bedroom that has become like a home to her.

He stirs, mumbling that she never stays long enough for him to see her in the morning light. Long enough t(more)