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There's no written law that says you have to stay in any relationship you don't want to be in.
It's probably neither of your faults; you've just grown so much as people and those people don't fit well together anymore.
Even though you love them and it's time to(more)
It's taken me a while to get used to living without you. The clothes only rarely get washed and the cat was never quite the same. I tell everyone that you're chronically ill, that you travel frequently for your job, anything to keep from having to admit the truth.(more)
Reynard bent his arm behind him to scratch the back of his neck; his face a grimace.

"Your hide itchin ye?" Awdrin's voice was tinged, almost imperceptibly, with concern.
The man named Eugene had lived his life normally and happily, as any man should. He had a wife, and a son, and a mother and a father and the monotony of totality was lost on him, but he missed it. Throughout his life, he had striven toward some(more)
fly sits on fresh meat
you ready with your swatter
fwap but you miss it
It would never have worked anyway. You were too different, right? You both wanted different things and there was too much history there for either of you to start again.
It probably wasn't love this time anyway, was it? Sure, you like her - who wouldn't? Maybe she's not(more)
The road, alone. It's an uncomfortable life: walking, riding, stowing away. Sleeping in the open, or under the trees, or huddled around the fire. But you miss it.

An urchin's journey. It's a hard life: walking, running, fleeing. Sleeping in haylofts, or under hedgerows, or on the street.(more)