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it's summer so time
for SAT prep, and physics practice,
and volunteering in a chilly air-conditioned room
in a shirt with a stiff collar.

rest in peace, (more)
a busy bee
and a queen bee
are friends

the busy bee enjoys buttery goldenrod,
wind through her wings, (more)
he was always the
busy bee but now CCD
had removed all bees
they say "do what gives you joy"
but that mantra has flown out the window

why have joy when you can have seven AP classes
and a .4 gpa boost
When I got my role, I thought I'd be able to slip into it like an old glove, but I suddenly was aware of the fact that I was a child again. I was wearing my first pair of lace-up shoes and I needed to learn how to tie(more)
Gotou had never been a morning person to begin with - his apartment was situated just right so that the morning sun never hit the windows at all. With the shades drawn and his head buried just right, on his days off he may not emerge until almost lunchtime.(more)