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Of all the things we were told to sacrifice towards the end, brushing my teeth without water was going to be the most difficult.  I didn't mind going unshowered.  Not was much I thought I would anyway.  We had already stopped washing clothes weeks ago.  We were used to that. (more)
She did the little things right. A hot iron kept the promise that her hair would stay tucked toward her jawline all day. Make-up was tasteful, present but not the main attraction, showed enough effort to be noticeable but not desperate. Cheeks were taut but not hollow, brushed with(more)
brush your teeth, make your
bed, floss, jog. after your loss,
keep your days normal.
They tell me to do this in the morning as I wake. They tell me again do it midway through the day and even another towards the end. Well three times is a bit meticulous for me and I've found i can't manage even once.