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The insistent beeping echoed through the hallow halls, abandoned by people to the fate of time. It blared for a week, an obnoxious metronome perfectly synchronized with a tiny flashing red light, warning the empty building that there was a malfunction in the system.
    The guy on the side of the road had on a black knit cap and smiled against the onslaught of the cold, flurry-laden wind.  His leather jacket looked like meager protection, so when he held out his thumb, I took pity on him and stopped to give him a ride.  He(more)
Afterwards, she goes down to the garage.
Outside, the skies pour and thunder and storm, maybe for her she thinks, as she makes her way down the steps, a flashlight in one hand, her toolbox in the other. She holds her face in a tight scowl, holding her breath(more)