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true, greed & glutton
do reign as they punish
their victims
so guilefully

though as all, we ourselves being (more)
She shattered the dish. She didn't mean to. It slipped from her hands, falling in slow motion, cracking against the floor and then bursting into a million pieces of white glass flying in all directions.
She was punched and then locked in the closet for two days.
In the(more)
Anthony breaks dishes when he gets angry.

He supposes it's not the best of coping mechanisms, but it sure as hell helps him. As long as he's careful and cleans up after himself, it's alright. It's not like a little bit of flying ceramic shrapnel is going t(more)
It seemed like such a small thing, the shard lying on the ground. Just a bit of off white ceramic, with blue squares alternating around the rim. No big deal. And if it slipped and fell against the side of the sink, if a few pieces broke off and(more)
Garrett stared at the shattered porcelain on the floor. He was dead. He was so, so dead. When Mom found out how the plate had been broken, he'd be grounded for his entire life and he'd never see a video game console or remote ever again.
I broke another fucking plate. Toki's going to kill me. We don't have many dishes left. Oops.

Akiyama broke another fucking dish. When I find him, wherever he's hiding this time, I am going to murder him.

Whatever, it's just a plate. I'm rich, I can bu(more)