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The blood was flowing.
The bones were breaking. (more)
Night guard at a museum. What a ridiculous job. What kind of species do we belong to when you need a guard for a place of learning. A FREE place of learning, at that. Who steals from a place you can get into for free?
"Just one hand in front of another" I told myself, as I scaled the 120 foot cliff.
I was almost to the top. This had been my goal for the past few months, ever since I had graduated from high school. I was with a couple of my buddies(more)
Harrison panted as he heaped off the last shovel of dirt over his head. The dirt joined the large pile next to a gaping hole in the ground. Harrison threw the shovel out of the hole he was standing in and he gazed at what he had just uncovered.(more)
Broken bones are so much worse than we think.
Sure, they hurt. Sure, they suck because you can't play soccer/basketball/whatever for, like, two or three weeks.
But they also mean that we aren't invincible.
We can be taken down. (more)
Broken bones. Ever since childhood, they have been the worst injury, an ultimatum to the playground stature of scratches and bruises. I'd gotten close before. Jumping the corner of a pool, my foot slipped. I crunched, eagle spread, into the ceramic corner of the pool. Couldn't walk for three(more)