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"Where the hell are you dammit?"
I poke my head into every room in the house looking for her. Or is it Her? Whatever. Either way she's missing and I can't find her.
"Come out come out wherever you are," I try a sing-songie voice hoping to appeal to(more)
I was a switchboard operator for seven months at the Mayflower Park Hotel on 4th. My first job after college. My job consisted of answering the phone. "Mayflower Park Hotel." Then directing the call, "I'll ring." My other job was to direct tourists in the lobby to postcard locations(more)
Throne Room

The floor of the cavern stilled. My fingernails scraped the porcelain edge of the dais. Their throne rose before me, a mound of ulcerous, oozing flesh. They were twisted together in it, bones fused into each other and sprouting through gray skin from shoulders and hips.(more)
Drifting in the noonday
     Sun, wondering why it is that
             Life makes me bored
Time melts and drips slowly down the wall, puddling on the floor. The air is suffocating, searing the lungs.
I look up, and the ceiling is turning slowly, by infentissimal increments.
I move to rub my eyes, and my arm is yanked back. I am strapped to a bed(more)