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Does the weight of your multiple existences ever seem likely to crush you? I've lived in enough small towns across the country to know I can't be the only person grappling with this problem.
In one world, where Death perches on the moon and ravens whisper secret(more)

Judgment Part III

Despite Freya's command, I froze, dropping to the rumbling ground and burying my face in my hands. The world tilted and lurched beneath me. Frantic screams and whooshing, scorching flame shut out thought. Silence and darkness fell a heartbeat later, and I lifte(more)
Borderline is a Madonna song from her first album. I had this album on cassette. It was one of the first albums I owned--I bought it through BMG Music Club. The other albums I got for "free" were Madonna--Like a Virgin, Tears for Fears--Songs from the Big Chair, and(more)
paranoia was never clearer
Oh momma please forgive me I’ve strived so hard see? Do you see what I’ve done? And it isn’t done for myself I do it all for me. You wonder why I do it, everybody, they wonder. They think:
What could have triggered this (more)
She's in bed (not alone) when Claudia comes to herself. When she notices herself at all, it is as a character she can steer doll-ishly - like a woman from one of her own stories. Someone she is responsible for in only the most abstract sort of way. Long(more)