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We did not grow up with blueberries.  They were a relatively recent addition to the supermarket aisles.  I had, of course, heard of them but imagined them somehow to be bluer than they were.  They were really more of a dusty purple and not as sweet as I imagined.  They were no substi(more)
"I hate blueberries."

"Why? It's just a fruit."

"Well for starters they're not blue they're purple."
Every summer I've lived at home has been distinctly marked by what we called pickin' season. The blackberries fill the woodlands, the fruit trees are bearing, and the garden is teeming with perfectly crisp and fresh veggies.
You don't check the fridge, you go outside. (more)
"blueberries" sound beautiful, i think
blueberries might not taste as beautiful as its name
blueberries are probably not something one fancies eating
blueberries are rich with vitamin a (maybe)
blueberries; i wish life gives you those instead of lemonade(s)