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"It's mine," he says, in a voice that rings with new clarity, and steps forward from the shadows of the throne room with a fire blazing in his eyes. Gone is the child who fought his sister over the best toys with the meaty hands of a toddler -(more)
Zuko's eyes flitted up into the night sky, his vision blurring slightly as his breathing started to quicken in pace. A faint voice was heard in the background as footsteps padded the cement, rushing towards the fallen firebender.
Blood is thicker than water, is thicker than air, is thicker than ink.

Unless, of course, you bleed ink, like me. Then I'm not sure where those defining lines are or what the hell that even means.

I could draw those lines, I suppose. With pencil, not(more)
I never understood what drove Mace and her friends. I never understood until it happened to me.
Mace joined the gang that controlled our street when she was fifteen and I was twelve. At the time, I didn't know that the stories of blood and honor Mace told me(more)
All I could feel was the warmth. I knew body temperature was 98.6, but I never realized I was boiling inside. Or maybe I did. Maybe this was boiling over.
I thought of my face on the obituary, which picture they would use. One with a smile, I hoped(more)
Blood and honour. I don't, when it comes to it, have much time for either. It all seems like a tedious struggle to wave one's dick about and proposition your flesh and fluids to the world as valid, wholesome and righteous. Just stop that shit for a minute, stop(more)
"The world is ultimately divided into two groups- those who yearn for power, and those too weak to seek it. And in civilized circles, being weak amounts to social death."
Just a child, Annabeth had taken her mother's words to heart, and determined to herself that she would make(more)
Chin check
jawline and bottle bite
it's a shot, boy

don't stop
don't sip (more)
As the knight's final breath was drawn, the arrow sliding gracefully from his bow, he collapsed to the ground unceremoniously. No, not like the movies where everyone holds their breath, and there is a mother with a newborn cradled in her arms, crying. There was simply a resume of(more)
I need to reach the diadem. I feel my heart race, the blood pound through my veins. If I don't reach the diadem, my honor will never be restored. I will never return home.
I step onto the platform, the diadem inches away. I reach out my hand an(more)
In utterly mock subservience, I drop a deep curtsy towards the stone floor, but my eyes never leave her face.

"Mami," I say, and I don't know why I do, because she never did a single thing to deserve that title. "Mami, why did you send me away,(more)
the stuff of heroes is not ours,
for we only rest in comfort
mocking shame

a game to you (more)
It was hard enough realizing Sephiroth once had friends in the first place, and looking at Genesis and Angeal, Cloud wondered how Sephiroth had become friends with them in the first place - besides the obvious fact of the trio being at such a higher level than the rest(more)
John, Nick, and Adam sat in the ruined building and drank from their canteens as they looked at the four bodies strewn across the floor.
"This one looks like a girl," said Nick as he pulled the man by his hair and inspected his face. "Should I fuck it?(more)