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          Members of her family are trying to remain positive, but they are also realistic. Another one of them will be dead soon. In the ways that it is possible, they are preparing.
          Her stepfather is in love(more)
I wish things could be different.  I really do.  But then again, no I don't. If I really wanted things to be different, they would be.  "You're a guy," she says.  "When you really want something, you'll move heaven and earth to get it…come hell or high-water!"  She's righ(more)
I can wait for you
as long as necessary
we're worth waiting for
Blind hope allows me to get up every morning no matter what
even after a long horrible day
where I could not make even one person happy
because they had tech problems beyond my abilities to fix or they started too late on their research
and somehow that was(more)
They'd been walking for days when they came upon the old military installation.  Without a word between them the two sisters started scouring the old building for anything they could eat.  

Down in the basement, among crates of uniforms, the older sister found an old portable radio, probably le(more)