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have you ever thought
"oh god i am in love
with this terrible person"
when really you were just
sprung off that dick?
pour me anything, so long as it's an ale. Delerium tremens doesn't shake me, nor will the cotton mouth come morning dry my thirst. Warm glass please, none of that lime-requiring mexican style pilsner. Aged in bourbon casks, scotch notes lingering. It'll all fade into the alcohol slur of(more)
I want so badly to binge on freedom. To shove the weights off my shoulders and unfurl the wings I never knew I had. I want to gulp down big mouthfuls of passion like it's the only oxygen I know. I'm getting bored with this transitional routine of young(more)
down the edge of curtains
certain to binge of the remains of a person
so deep it hurts when she curses
the best parts of a heart driving tin hearses
but the worst is; (more)