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Kelly, I don't know where you are. I have searched the Internet- even that horrible succubus, Facebook, for your name. For a while you and I were friends, good friends.  Remember how, at the noon AA meeting, we used to make fun of Wino Winnie and her horrible 3 T(more)
I walked out of the bedroom closet in my underwear. She lay on the bed, naked but for the glow of my orange lamp on the nightstand.
"Red undies? We're gonna have to do something about that."
"You don't like this pair? Really? I love this pair."
"They're red,(more)

1. Fly to Japan

2. Make fun of everyone shorter than you.
Trevor had big plans. He was going to join the baseball team and hit the homerun that would take his team to victory. He was going to avoid the girls at his first dance, hanging with his friends by the punchbowl. He would learn to drive a car, stay(more)