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I love the ocean, because you can see everything in one direction until the curve of the earth slips the water underneath your sight. Since a child, I have thought about the beach as my sanctuary. It doesn't even have to be a sunny day, any weather will do.(more)
Galileo looked up into the sky, mesmerized by the pinholes in the black fabric of the cosmos. As a child he dreamed of climbing the mountains and being able to touch the sky, wondering what it felt like to catch the sun and moon in his hands like ripe(more)
The city was a foul place. Smoke rose in curling spirals from the chimneys and mixed with the low-hanging clouds in the air. The streets were a mixture of cracked cobblestones, mud, and debris--fruit peels, human and animal excrement, old scraps of fabric. The city smelled like urine and(more)
What you think you want and what you "really" want are not often the same. When the two match perfectly, life is good. Every other time is a mini struggle - a battle within a war, to live life like one should.
I cannot seem to express the thrill that ran through me at that time. The fear had plunged down my gut like a thunderous wave. The sensation was incredible -- frightening, yes -- but still incredible. I was quelled to notice my tingling spine, and the upright hairs on(more)
There is a world I cannot see. It is the world stirring behind my eyes, one that cannot even be fathomed entirely by the eye within the mind. It is the realm of imagination, ungoverned by the laws of nations and the laws of order. It is free, chaotic,(more)
"There is nothing beyond my view," Sanburg stated with a satisfied smile.
     Dursley thought that this idea was actually so far from the truth it might make it all the way around and come back again as an undisputed fact, but he kept this thought to himself. Instead(more)