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They say your heart beats
at temperatures just a little under 100° F
But I am sure yours runs much colder than that.
At that bus stop we sat, sneakers dangling off the bench into the iced run-off below. Steam billowed from our mouths as we waited, counting the minutes until that familiar sputter came rushing towards us behind schedule. We never talked to each other, never tried, didn't want to. I(more)
They were best friends- not that they would admit it, because that wasn't their thing. But everyone knew they were best friends.  
It wasn't the usual polar opposite best friendship, nor was it the creepy twin friendship. This was a friendship that was there because the balance was, and(more)
The weather reports said that it was going to snow. They called for a foot of snow, all of which would blow and drift across the fields and roads in winds that made the world feel like -40 degrees Fahrenheit.  
make my lips shrivel and flake like the grass and plants you buried beneath you like a treasure

when spring comes, kiss me and make it all better
She walked barefoot through the town, and the town burned.

None of them knew it.

They would only realise later, when the first clumps of their hair began to fall out, when the redness on their skin turned to raised blisters that swelled with yellow and pinch(more)
matter jitters slow
below freezing, with nature
pretending to die.
That's how I would describe her.
All smiles, concerned, giggles, carefully controlled facial contractions, even down to the crow's feet and the lower eyelid contractions.
Controlled. (more)
James tapped the pipes again. The tinny echo bounced around the basement, making the copper tubes sound much larger than they were. Insulation was wrapped around them, keeping them warm and snug. James stepped away and checked over the furnace outtake again.
You're the hourglass
that fills the hour
You're the scapegoat
that escapes the tower
You're the lifeboat
which floats me alone (more)
An office caught between two hells today;
boiling, with freezing on the way.
A broken thermostat caused office hot,
melted chocolates that Christmas brought.
And when poor souls leave tropic heat,
below freezing temperatures, they shall meet. (more)