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The entirety of everything was blackness. I couldn't see three inches in front of my face. I couldn't even tell if I had a face. I was before everything; I wasn't supposed to be here, it was wrong.
What had happened? I had memories. I knew my life.
Before the world there was no you.  You are the world to me.  You show me the beauty of a laugh.  You show me the reason to be happy.  Before you the world was dark.  There were no stars, no sun, no moon, no rain.  Before the world there was no you and now it(more)
Expectations are heavy. They pile up one at a time, then two at a time, and next thing you know there are five appearing every other day. They sit on your shoulders, fill your arms and hands, burden your feet as they cling to your legs. Heavier and heavier(more)
Darkness reigned supreme.
The Nothingness of Nothingness. With a capital N.
Potential. Everything that could or will be, waiting, wishing, wanting that moment of growth.
Explosion. (more)
Darkness. More than darkness. An emptiness so dense that Patrick could feel his own insides spilling further into him.  

"Where are we?" he asked. Even just the simple words seemed like a lightning bolt.  

We are before, said Aluna, her voice only sounding in his head. H(more)
Before the world was no picnic.

“You seriously need to shut the fuck up, mate,” said one celestial being to another. They were bored, and had been so for the previous eternity. That was the thing about eternities, really. They never end. And anything that never end(more)
So we pull up to the valet parking in front of the hospital. The booth is empty. We pull away and try to find a handicap parking spot, but there are none available. We drive back to valet parking and there still is no one there. I tell Betty(more)
"So I stand here, before you honoured delegates and the whole world, to enter my plea: innocent of all charges."

An outraged roar swelled across the Earth, rippling the oceans.

One woman stood. "You sick, twisted /monster/!"

The accused sighed. "I built it, but I(more)