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Before the end of what? I feel like my life is full of little endings. And you know what the worst part is? I'm never prepared for it.

Just think, you always know when something is beginning. You can see the start. But the end? I'm never prepared(more)
His eyes scanned the area. It's moss covered walls, a few rays of sunshine coming through larger cracks in the wall. despite this shadows still crawled everywhere. But he knew they wren't real they couldn't be. Just another hallucination, the world went dark as his eyelids shut for the(more)
In winter, under a frozen elm tree, a woman sat waiting.  She was waiting for anything, anybody.  All she had for company was the sound of the hawks above, their shrieking calls echoing throughout the valley.  Her head hung back looking toward them high up in the air.  It was all she(more)
It's been years, or maybe months, I don't know I've lost track of time. She left me behind, she said she'd be back, I shouldn't of believed her.

I've been lucky, I've found food, in abundance. At least I won't be starving. There is also water, though i(more)
This is a glass world
Or it may as well be
As we distort each others hopes
Painting them an array
Of empty colors
Splattering each others hearts (more)