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We mark milestones as they occur/ first smiles/ first steps/first words.

I did not know when their small voices with imprecise lexicons would give way to English, when I would relinquish my role as translator.

I understood that baby sign language would be replaced by voiced word(more)
She was homesick for a world she has never met.
She exists in limbo: stuck in a reality that is never enough and an imagination that is too much.
Afraid of failure, she lived in dreams. She forgot to exist.
But for you she wanted to change it a(more)
Dawn knocks, she opens her eyes and dreams of verdant life.
She dons enchantment: silken skirt and shining smile; form fitting ideal. Grasses wave and bow in the wake of her soft step. They delight in her dance and dream that she will pass by them again, weaving lik(more)
be (more)
I want you to be mine. Not in the I-own-you sort of way. I just want to be a part of your life. The most important part of your life. Please? Let me be yours.

I want you to be my last. My last love, my last breath.(more)
Be my last great love, for it is so lonely in the darkness. I will be gone soon, but love shall persist throughout the ages. No matter what we do, we will not be remembered, so why try? Let us live for today, until the eternal nothingness seeps over(more)
As the snow falls and the moon waxes, the trees sway and wind whispers.
Watching the stars wink, in their reflection below. I realize today, tonight, will be my last.
Be my last mistake.  Be my last option.  Be the last person I will run to because there will be a time when I finally find trust in someone else. Be the last person I want to see on a Friday night when I am alone and depressed.  Be the last person(more)