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Better a shell than
exposing vulnerable
innards to the world
some words are water rushing out,
eager to be heard,
other words are rocks colliding,
crashing on the tongue.
even more words are dripping gems,
glittering as they fall, (more)
Feliciano thinks Ludwig is too strict, too rigid about everything. He tries to pull him away from work, slender fingers grabbing at the man’s shirt and lips against his ear. The only indication it’s had any effect is the slight blush across the blond’s cheeks, but Feliciano knows that(more)
Kendall learned the meaning of the word austere last year. Her mother had described the nuns that way and she asked her teacher, "What is austere?" The teacher said it meant plain, not fancy, like no smiling and lots of practice. Since then she dreamed of being austere. When(more)
She took a deep breath. Steady, steady. Then, before she could stop herself, she raised a fist to knock.

The great ironwood doors swung open with ease, revealing... darkness. Not a single lamp was lit, not a single window thrown open to the summer heat. But as her(more)
His office was austere.  A lot of offices lack ornamentation; the place where one works sometimes needs to be plain or simple.  Beautiful paintings or gran vistas over the city can distract you from what you came in to do.  I get that.  But this office had a puritanical air to it.(more)
They said you are as austere as steel.
Your austerity makes them kneel.
You do things at your own will.
As if you will not pay any bill.

If you are the overflowing water from the hill, (more)
The queen stepped away from the looking glass, her features tired and her dress a drab, depressing shade of grey. There was no color in the room: no royal purple draperies, no gilded furniture. Everything was the same shade as her gown.
Ah what kind of life
for the one who desires perfection
everything must be just right
each action and each word.

I know this life once long ago (more)