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This is the problem with fiction - you have to pull back. You can't tell the whole truth.

Not because you'll step on toes. Worse.

It's because no one cares. You will open old cupboards, excavate bones and mouldering bits, you'll recount your blushes and violences do(more)
"Here at the peak of existence we look down upon it all with a sneer at all those that live beneath us. These snowy cliffs, these towering heights that threaten to suffocate us in their majesty are little more than towers to our own sins. Watch them putter about(more)
for the tall mountains
we usually find just
humans at the peak
Martin was running.  His breath came in rasps and his legs burned.  He could not believe that people were actually managing to hold civilised conversations whilst keeping up the pace.  He was in a cluster near the back, not at the very back, but near enough to it.  His heart pounded (more)
At the peak we turn around and stare down into the white valley. At the top of the world, nothing looks real. You don't feel like you've conquered a mountain, instead you glimpse into an alien world. The mountain groans as snow shifts and wind howls, like an old(more)
At the peak we saw the world for what it really was. We stood as tall as gods and allowed the sun to bake our bodies. All of our problems disappeared, and even though it was only for a second, we remembered what it was like to be happy(more)
At the peak, for a brief moment, your vision is clear. Your perspective is wide. The air is crisp. Stretching out before you is a vast terrain, a world of possibilities in which all things are within your grasp, all things are attainable. You are convinced that you can(more)