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"Hello, Katie."  

As I tossed and turned in tangled sheets, I tried not to think of the voice I heard earlier. I tried not to think of it's cryptic, robotic qualities. I tried not wondering...who exactly was whispering through my phone? I had no missed calls, no record(more)
We are born alone, and
We die alone
Everything in the middle is pretend
Surrounded by loved ones
Who don’t really love you
Just the moments (more)
Your house is huge, and old, and wonderful. It's the product of a time when people didn't think that the world could become crowded. Beautifully painted yellow with white windows, a black iron fence around the yard, and a wooden porch with a roof over-hang. We spent most of(more)
Louis had a bit of time before the train came, so he figured it was best to sit in his car and stare off into the distance. Was he thinking? Was he conscious by any attempt of definition? Certainly. Was he here? Not quite. Imagination had brought Louis back(more)
"Marc, are you there?"

"Ouch! Stop stepping on me, June!"

"Oops, sorry... This place is so fucking dark!"
My mind spirals off into the stars, into ten thousand million possibilities. Galaxies upon galaxies, universes forming and expanding, wormholes portals through the very fabric of space and time.

When I think of earth, a tiny blue dot next to an even tinier sun in the cosmic scale(more)
"Are we alone?" he asked as he gazed into the night sky.
"You talking to me?" another voice came back from the bushes. They rustled about, and then Tom emerged from the woods, zipping up the last leg of his zipper in the process.
"No one else is o(more)