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I read an article today about how the Bolshoi Ballet plants people in the audience to start the applause at all the right times. It got me thinking, and I started to wonder who has been planted in my life to clap at the appropriate moments. I wonder if(more)
Kenshin winced a little as small fists pulled at his hair. He didn't know what had possessed him to agree to watching the toddler - but Rian was a vampire, and Alby apparently was not one. While he didn't burst into spectacular flames in the daylight hours, he did(more)
Kilo approached the podium, solid oak and endeared with such ornate designs he silently wondered how many of his people he could feed with the amount spent on its construction. He couldn't break from this line of thinking, even years after the famine ended. The early days were the(more)
Grey envelops the sky
Like the stage at curtain call
We are all actors in the same play
Pawns to the imperious nothing

The mystery unravels (more)