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I thought you loved me.
Apparently not.

I thought you cared
about whether I live or die.
Apparently not. (more)
Everything is illuminated now.
How could I have been so foolish?
I'll chide myself,
Send myself to bed without supper,
Call myself a stupid, stupid child.
I should've spotted this betrayal from a mile away, (more)
You do not ever doubt that your brother is happy.

He has a loving family. He has friends. He has his books, and you know how books bring him great joy.

You can see his happiness in the little things: the sparks dancing in his eyes, th(more)
There's a saying that some people are born with greatness, while others have greatness thrust upon them. Contrarily, I believed that you had to achieve that greatness yourself. Since the beginning, I was told that I had to become someone special. Someone unique, starlit; someone who could shine. Someone(more)
when i was watching puella magi madoka magica, i was wondering when the hell is madoka going the become a magical girl because i thought is THAT kind of magical girl anime and it's been that many episodes and i was wondering are you gonna be a fucking magical(more)
I used to think
that no matter who you are
what you look like
or what your past holds

everyone deserves to be happy
I was going to writing something
But it never came to me,
I was going to say something,
But it never left my mouth,
Never drifting out to sea,
I was going to dream something, (more)
I'm a very fickle person. I fall in love (my naive definition) quickly, I judge easily, and I never want anything after I've got it.
I chased after you for 4 months. . I'd never gotten a boy that I'd wanted before and you were my fantasy that woul(more)
It was supposed to be a quiet day. The  'deal of a century' had been closed and the contracts were finally signed, so by all means it should have been a peaceful, albeit monotonous, day of sorting through mail and filing loose papers in the office.
I thought we were actually in love, apparently not.
She once met a boy who was nice.
He told her nice things and called her beautiful.
But it all came crashing down when someone new came around.

He had said he loved her. (more)
Somehow, Danny and Nate managed to convince me that Mila Taylor was head over heels in love with me.

Reasons why I liked Mila Taylor:
She had the sexiest death glare.
She had bright red cowgirl boots. (more)
There was nothing he could think of that would make the situation any better - or worse for that matter. He'd already clumsily spoken the words and watched in slow motion as they shattered the silence that was close to becoming awkward: "I used to, I mean, I think(more)
When I was a kid, I thought all stories had happy endings. I thought that heroes always showed up when needed them, that everybody got saved. When I was a child I thought that dreams came true and that I wouldn't be left behind. I thought 'surely someone will(more)
Thought I was going to practice, had my gear, my helmet eager to be worn, my glove wanting that ball in it's leather and my cleats a bit tighter than last year but still excited to run. Sliding shorts, shorts, Rage Against the Machine shirt, sports bra, god damn(more)