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sometimes i wonder
if i could be happy here
or if i must leave
"Is that it?" she asked and they told her yes, if she wanted, it was time to click her heels or think happy thoughts or draw a door.

"No, that's not my job," she told them.  "He's dead."

And someone suggested why didn't she just open her eyes.  "That(more)
After 10 months of winter
the melt is almost done
and I nod my approval at the receding hairline
of snow in my patio chair
with my shorts and sandals
I dug out of hibernation (more)
"Where would you go if you could go anywhere tomorrow?" Richelle asked him because she'd traveled everywhere she'd wanted to go mainly by herself but on occasion with a friend or lover. Owen looked into the depths of his Sierra Nevada and said, "Anywhere South America, but Brazil for(more)
I wait a long moment before choosing my words. And even then, I speak quietly, fearful that anything I say could have the potential to ruin him.

"Where will you go?"
There's an odd, empty feeling that fills up my stomach. Not wanting to do anything, but a strong desire to run and to keep running. I'm sure that both should cancel each other out, but the longer I sit here, the unproductivity increases, and so does the desire to(more)
Tempted now by the strong aura of okayokaynotsadjuststayokay I reach out for Sam's arm. He jerks, elbow jutting into my ribs, and there's a speckle of blood over his cheek.

"Put the gun down." (more)
The son was shining, the air smelled of pine-cones and old Greg was busy mind-fucking poor children who sat quivering on hay bales.
Mars was a strange planet. Red, very red. Dusty, very, very dusty. Barren as every other planet that wasn't Earth, or at least it seemed that way to the untrained Earthling eye - and yet, pulsing with a strange, violent, bloody sort of life. It was everything they'd been(more)