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i sit on the edge of
the couch the red
nail polish balanced on
my knee brush clutched
between the whorls of
my fingertips painting the (more)
Once, people had carved their livelihoods from these cliffs, a traders' town within the rock. They were long gone, their town a prison, the houses cells.

It was here the slavers brought us, to serve those below. My people were scattered amongst other slaves, to suffer alone, but(more)
I laid there in this dark room, listening, to the monitors beeping, the hum of the lights in the hall, and my own breathing.

I was old, dying in fact. It's quite alright, I've grown to accept it. Plus, my family keeps me company more often nowadays and(more)
My beloved, I come to you, seeking comfort in your black winged embrace.
My angel of death, how I adore you, guiding me regardless of place or race.
Regardless of my dismay, regardless of my disgrace, you judge not, proving fair to all life. No matter how many, or(more)
he discovered the
angel of death in his bowl
of warm mushroom soup
"Behold the angel of death before us,"
said my guide; I looked in horrific awe
of he who dropped from heavenly chorus.

"But why did he leave?" Down into my core
delved the query; and with little guidance (more)