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Inside the Dean's office, Ron felt the cold, harsh aura of authority and discipline. Red and white squares made up a thin horizontal line around the room, sandwiched between dry, grey paint. If he had the guess, Ron would say that the paint had been made by grinding up(more)
"why aren't we best friends anymore?" you ask me for the umpteenth time, passing by my locker between classes, catching me on my way to the bus, finding me anywhere you can although i try to hide.
i fix you with a steely glare and swallow down whatever words(more)
I don't let them finish the sentence.

I know the story, the drug abuse, the robberies.

The Mark I knew was not the Mark that plagued city streets,  asking anyone who was unlucky enough to walk by for a cigarette, then a light, then their wallets.

"It's a funny story, how this came about, it really is. My father caught me kissing this boy, see, and he didn't waste a bloody minute in snatching me up by the hair and dragging me inside. He shoves me down through the doorway, slams it shut behind us,(more)