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dad's garage
changed a lot since mom left
he keeps old furniture in there now
spiders live in the old armchair that was mom's
tools that are no longer used rust away
and open containers of gasoline stain the old rug (more)
Between the cost of the hotel and the gasoline, was the gig even worth it? This was not a question Betsy ever asked. Shows were life.

"I'll take it, Stevie." That's all she said. Steven Little was her agent, and older than she was. "Give it ta me,(more)
Muddy trunks and a sky as delicate as piano notes hugged the convulsing flames. Everything looked like stop motion. The gas was therapeutic, she could command her ghosts into the heat, then put them to bed.

This was the last step in 10,000. Her parents died, her ca(more)
A slight whiff still lingered in the air. The unmistakable, addictive, aroma of gasoline - petrol! He must remember to call it petrol now. It was these types of colloquialisms, along with his other American idiosyncrasies, that could give everything away. Maths not math. Boot not Trunk. And silencer(more)