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Arthur wasn’t sure how a man like Lovino had ended up in the British army, but he wasn’t going to ask, not when they were knee deep in mud and the other looked like he might break down at any moment.

Someone as beautiful as him shouldn’t hav(more)
"he's... dead."

those two words spin around and around, taunting every memory, every image of his face that springs to mind. they dance for the eyes, they sing for the ears.
Twelve years of school, four more to go, and four more after that.
Every single day, I wake and repeat my ritual.
Science, Math, English, Social Studies, History, Government, Economics.
Learning themeanvaluetheorempointsourcepollutionsfeminineendingstichicverseproseversuspoetrygeorgewashingworldwartwojudiciar(more)
Unusual name that, Marty McDowell, at least around these parts. Thinking about him though, it did not seem out of sorts, given his appearance.  I remember him as a slight young man, rounded shoulders, very pale. I think he was anaemic. He wore glasses, too, the kind with large black(more)
I can't breathe a lot of the time
Whether it be because of love,
Whether it be because of nature,
Or whether it be because life sucks,
I can't seem to get my lungs to work.
This happens pretty often (more)
Jalisa Thomas, a college basketball player for four years, was seriously injured and now in intensive care in a hospital. Surrounded by her family and a team of ER surgeons, her hopes of survival didn't look to good.
Selina twirled and twirled and twirled, her muscles aching from the strain of keeping her in the same position.  She was running away from the thoughts in her head, so she twirled around and around.

Her small dancer's body looked a blur in the mirrors, but she wasn't seeing(more)
One look was all it took.

The laughter bubbled up in my chest. There was no stopping it now. One look at the red face of my friend across the table, and I was done for.
Step left. Left jab. Right hook. Step left. Jab, jab. Spots appear in the corners of my peripherals.
"Breathe, boy. You'll never become champ if your blue in the face and knock yourself out 'fore you land any hits."
Exhale. Inhale. The dancing spots fade. Left jab. Forward step.(more)
I will say that whatever I write is being monitored, but whatever I write doesn't matter that much--really--because this is only a writing exercise and I'm just practicing writing on an educational website. It shouldn't be a big deal. People play games on this computer and go on Facebook(more)
I gather courage and say something
and exhale
I thrown upon rocks
and exhale  
I get up and fight back
and exhale (more)
Take a breath as your life is crushed,
By the weight of expectation,
As your sense of self,
Is ripped from your hands,
Taken as a captive of life,
As you feel nothing, (more)
Take a one last breath
And exhale very slowly
Your days are over.
"Whoa, dude." Lane placed a hand on my chest and gently pushed me back. But I had seen everything. The way my girlfriend caresses the other man's face, his arms encircling her waist, their lips locking as if they were meant for each other.
The gun is steady, leveled at his surprised expression.  No time to change it, to go out with dignity, to wonder why.  No time but all the time in the world.  Breathe in, prepare for the moment.  The gun is steady but the heart is shaking.  Remember his face now, paint a pi(more)