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it comes back so easily
not like a flood
it doesn't come flooding back
it was always there
the devastation after the flood
Seeing how I've been called a "throwback" I'm going to embrace my "throwback-ness" and admit that my all-time favorite album is Bob Dylan's Blood on the Tracks. This album is full of poetry but it is also considered by many to be one of the most angry, bitter break-up(more)
I hear that song now, and it does nothing to me. That never used to be the case. I remember the first time I heard it. I cried for the first time in what felt like forever that day.

We're still friends now, but I don't think I'll(more)
Crying, bleeding, a runny nose. Sadness, injury, sickness. Why is there this connection between trauma and the loss of liquid?

I drink 10 litres of milk, apple juice, and water every day, because if liquid out is bad, then liquid in is good.

But the ceaseless urination(more)