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She loved antique umbrellas. She used them more for the sun than the rain in San Francisco. I wonder if her skin is just as beautiful now as it was then, like the inside of an oyster shell.
When we went dancing at El Oso, she would leave her(more)
They shared a soggy space on the edge of trail, under an umbrella of leaky foliage, counting to see whose nose got dripped on more and shivering in sync.

"D-Do you r-remember w-what 'warm' is like?" chattered Tim.

Catherine tried to laugh, but it didn't work. (more)
“The weather man promised sun today.” She grumbled as she dashed toward the bus stop.  It certainly was not sunny. It was raining hard and even if the rain was warm, she did not appreciate the fact that she had started without an umbrella and now was stuck running through(more)
Sometimes I wish I could hide my problems under an umbrella of immense sizes. Even when it is not raining. Sometimes I wish I could hide myself under an umbrella of immense sizes. Especially when it is downpouring.
Invisible ink drying on my forehead
People don't commonly know it, but an umbrella holds an important place in the world of fighting. For instance, that two people are fighting with knives. Man one, who we will call About-To-Be-One-Handed, or Atboh for short, decides to swing downward at the second man, who we will call(more)